1. B

    BUICK 454/th400 swap

    I have a very clean 81 lesabre (it’s basically just a big g body 😁) that currently hosts a 350 that smokes like a diesel and a 700r4 that has a lack of 3rd and 4th gear. This winter I’m hoping to swap in a 454/th400 getting the motor and trans mounted is not my concerns, the wireing aspect...
  2. Zone_4_Lanlord

    Whats the best brake upgrade when using stock spindle?

    I have already bought brand new spindles, so i do not want to have to buy them again to do blazer upgrade. With that being said, which direction should i go when upgrading front brakes using the stock spindle. Minimum rim size will not be a problem, i have big wheels.
  3. B

    78 Elco Project-New to forum

    Had an early 80's Elco about 20 yrs ago that i had just barely gotten started on by swapping in a sb and auto trans in place of the v6 and 3 sp man along with exhaust. Then life got in the way and i had to sell it for a work rig. So for 20 yrs i have watched others build, race, and just flat out...
  4. CaminoJoe

    Crossmember for TH400 in elco?

    Hey all, To all who have the experience with doing a beefier transmission swap.. I'm swapping a big block in my '85 elco and along with it a new transmission. From the stock th350 to a th400. My question is will the stock crossmember suffice or am I gonna have to scrap it and have another installed? Thanks!
  5. 88cutlass

    Transmission Swap question

    What's up guys I have an 88 cutlass with the 307 engine and th200 trans. What would be the best replacement for the transmission and a good place to get one?
  6. 88cutlass

    Transmission question

    What up guys I was wondering what would be a good transmission replacement that would fit my stock 307 engine and where I can go get one?

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