1. michael_boomin

    No forward gears

    My 1978 elco with a th350 trans is not moving forward. Reverse works fine , will not move in drive. I’ve recently changed the trans filter, pan and kickdown cable. Fluids have been filled. After looking around on the internet for issues I’ve seen there is a chance there it is the vacuum...
  2. Freddyflores559

    MONTE CARLO Park to drive not shifting correctly

    1988 Monte Carlo ss Ok so idk if this been asked before but here’s my problem. From park to drive ,or reverse to drive it stalls to kick in to gear . It will take anywhere from 30 seconds to Minute to kick into gear. Since I’ve had the car I’ve would step on the brake and give it gas till...
  3. michael_boomin

    transmission leak

    hello Gbody lovers! ran into a little problem today. had a transmission fluid leak(th350) from a cooler line so i replaced the steel lines with braided lines because why not right . After changing the lines and putting fittings on i experienced a worse leak than i started with. i have pictures...
  4. pduarte

    1985 Buick Regal Limited 3.8 V6 th200 transmission seals/gaskets

    Look for any information on what seals or gaskets need to be replaced for my stock 85 regal. Going to be taking it to a transmission shop, I just want to make sure I am doing the correct ones since they’ll have to drop the transmission? Car smokes from under the hood when not running and burns...
  5. 80elky

    200r4 swap

    I just wanted to make sure about this. I have a 1980 el camino with a th350, would I just be able to swap in a 200r4 without changing the crossmember or anything? thanks
  6. Coolio

    MONTE CARLO Transmission Shift

    I have a rebuilt 700r4 transmission in my Monte Carlo ss. The problem I'm having is that it's shifting way too early. I want to know besides the TV cable what is a way to get it to shift properly? Any info/suggestions to try?
  7. LukeZ

    Is this transmission taking a dump? Or is this an easy fix?

    Hey guys, I posted about this about a month or two ago and you all helped me solve it fast, I got the car to the shop and she was fixed in no time. No it's having the same issues again, but it seems like it's not the same reason. It's a 1986 el Camino with a 200r4. It shifts in one direction...
  8. N

    CUTLASS 86 supreme brougham transmission

    I inherited my dad's 1986 olds gutless sup brougham. I'm having trouble with the transmission. My dad wanted to keep it original bc it belonged to my mamaw and they bought it brand new. So when the engine wore out him and my uncle rebuilt it. They didn't however do anything to the transmission...
  9. Z


    Ok so I have a 79’ GMC Caballero and I need help with whatever the duck is happening here? I have never seen something like this and don’t know what to do first. Bought the car and it turn over everytime, and shifts good just can’t seem to move from where it’s at it revs and revs and revs but no...
  10. Grand prix 80

    80 grand prix sj vortec swap

    I got a 1980 grand prix that I bought I love G bodys. Engine was junk I knew that buying it. I bought a 98 gmc yukon 5.7 that I'm in progress of converting over to carburation I'm pretty close. I know I cant use the stock pontiac trans. But I thought I ask what others used I know where i can get...
  11. onebad86SS

    Painless Lock-up Kit

    Good morning to all! My 86 Monte is going through a bit of an overhaul and cleanup while it's in the garage waiting on suspension parts. I wanted to see if anyone has used the Painless lockup kit for the 200-R4? P/N 60110. The computer will be going away, so I thought this would be a good...
  12. MalibuHacon

    Sloppy rear end and how to fix it.

    I have a 1980 malibu with a 350 transmission and open diff rear end. My car makes loud clicking noises when i change from park to reverse/drive or reverse to drive etc. also makes click when i accelerate hard. there is about 3-4mm of up and down slack where the driveshaft meets the...
  13. gbodysupreme

    200C Check Ball Location

    I have an 84 Cutlass Supreme with the stock 307/TH200C. I overhauled the transmission last year, and after I ran it for a while, I noticed some large metal shavings in the pan, coming from the stator support bushing. I pulled the transmission again to remove the metal, and after removing the valve body, I...
  14. CaliWagon83

    Column vs. Transmission Rooster Comb

    Trolling eBay for G-Body parts (my new unofficial hobby) I've found a lot of steering columns with column shifters for G-Bodies. None of them specified whether they were for the 3-speed or 4-speed transmissions. Seems the main difference is in the "rooster comb" in the transmission itself. Is...
  15. M

    '79 Malibu giving me headaches

    Hey guys I'm new to the forum so first off thanks for having me! I'm having a few problems with my Malibu that I picked up in February. I've done a few mods since then. I've put on headers, mufflers, 650 summit carb and intake. With all this effort I still have some underlying problems. 1. I...
  16. 8

    700r4 or 350 turbo?

    I'm new here, but have a question about my monte carlo project. I'm buying a 1985 305 high output with a 700r4. I also already have a turbo 350 with a shift kit. The car has 3.73 gears. I plan to do 4 barrel intake, carb, cam, headers, double roller timing chain or noisy timing gears, and maybe...
  17. JoeF419

    Transmission Recommendation?

    In the near future, I will be swapping out the old 305 in my 78 El Camino, for a new Blue Print Engines 350 ( I need help finding a transmission for the...
  18. Roberto

    Gforce crossmember

    I have a Gforce crossmember for a thm200 but I wanted to know if it fit on a 200-4r? thanks guys
  19. P

    Shift Bracket?

    I just picked up a th350 and it did not come with the shift linkage brackets and i was wondering if anybody had part number for one that would bolt right up to the stock g body cable without any modifications the car has the stock floor mounted shifter thanks.
  20. 8

    89 caprice classic

    need help trying to find the right and best transmission for my caprice. Recent my reverse went out and now it won't shift from first gear. I thought it was my rear ending at first because it was rattling a little. But once I noticed it didn't shift from first I knew it was my transmission too.

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