turn signal switch

  1. Javi

    Turn Signal Switch replacement part (85' Cutlass Supreme)

    Need help with correct Turn signal switch part number (not turn signal lever) I keep getting 2 different numbers also indicates with and without cornering lights are they referring to side marker lights? totally confused 🤔
  2. RegMan79

    Issues after turn signal switch replacement

    Hello, 79 Monte. Just replaced my turn signal switch only to find out that wasn't the problem anyway. It's where the lever connects to the metal linkage that goes to turn signal switch. It's busted where leakage meets lever basically. Had the car for about 2 months now and from what I understand...
  3. RegMan79

    Headliner job.

    I found a headliner board for my 79 Monte at a junk yard, in 1 piece! Came from an 83 grand prix. 17 bucks vs a 100+ for a new 1. I'm pretty sure I know what to do. Any tips would be appreciated. Also I ordered a turn Signal switch today too. I am waiting on that and a manual too. I know I'll...

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