turn signal

  1. michael_boomin

    messed up turn signal/ flashers

    alright , I have a weird situation here on my 1978 el co and I will try and describe it the best I can. I changed all my bulbs to LEDS with the exception of headlights and marker bulbs. I also put in an EL12 flasher and check all fuses. when i turn my hazards on with headlights OFF they flash as...
  2. rogus

    Turn signal issue

    My 76 Malibu uses an 1157 dual filament bulb for the rear turn signal bulb. The one on the left (drivers side) works fine. The bulb on the rear right will light but not flash. The 4 way hazard flashers work. The bulbs second filament lights when when I engage the headlights. I have replaced both...
  3. RegMan79

    Issues after turn signal switch replacement

    Hello, 79 Monte. Just replaced my turn signal switch only to find out that wasn't the problem anyway. It's where the lever connects to the metal linkage that goes to turn signal switch. It's busted where leakage meets lever basically. Had the car for about 2 months now and from what I understand...

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