14" Buick Rallyes painted body color


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Apr 14, 2008
Does anyone own a Regal and is running painted 14", 5-spoke rallyes? My car originally had wire hub caps, but I switched to chrome rallyes. It's been many, many years of daily year-round driving, so the chrome is worn through and rusted in spots.

Looking to get them blasted and painted body color. If nothing else, I'll use them as a winter set, then try to find a better set of chrome wheels.

I've seen pictures of Regals with painted wheels before years ago, but they all appear to be wiped from the internet. I think it was more of a thing 1978-1982 rather than later on from the factory.


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Feb 18, 2014
Buick made some factory painted in white, they were use on pace car/replica but in 15 inch... I've got a set kicking around I don't use anymore, I forgot about them until you mentioned this post.

They came in red and white, used chrome trim rings and the chrome center cap. Mine are the white ones.

In my opinion they don't usually look quite right without some trim rings, having seen them first hand both with and without...

Edit for pics:


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Apr 14, 2008
I'll have to look back in the brochures I have. The pace car is a good representation.

I was thinking of getting trim rings. But, getting the correct (square) profile, and depth is another challenge.
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