14x8 front tire sizing?



Dec 22, 2018
So I just put some 14x8 Slotmags on my wagon. The tire size is 245/60/14 all around. The front tires rub so bad I pretty much can't even drive and the backs are perfect. I was thinking about trying a 225/60/14 on the front but honestly still might be too big. It would be nice to know someone else's personal experience before I just buy some expensive tires and they don't fit.




Aug 8, 2011
Too bad those are not 15" rims since tire selection for 14" is pretty limited.
I used to run 245/60R15 on the front of my Monte with a 15 x 8 rim and 4"of backspace and currently have 235/60R15 on the front of my Regal with a 15 x 8 also and neither car has any rubbing issues but fitments vary between cars and wheel well shapes.
Since you didn't specify where the rubbing takes place I will say the backspacing might be off just enough to create an issue in the front by either pushing the tire closer to the frame or pushing it out far enough to make contact with the wheel well on every bump.
Going with a 225/60 will take approx. .6-.8" off the overall section width of the tire so it would give you maybe 3/8" more clearance in this area if this is where contact is being made.
If the tire change isn't going to create enough clearance then you might have to look for a set of 7" rims for the fronts since it will give you more options on skinnier tires than the 8" will since a 225/60 is about as small as you can safely go on that rim.

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