1981 3.8L V6 vacuum connections

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Jul 7, 2022
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3.8L V6. I'm reconnecting the last of my vacuum lines according to the diagram below. Two questions:

1 - A line comes off of the purge solenoid & goes "to EFE". On my car that line is disconnected and plugged. What's EFE and where might that be? I can't find anything to connect to. ** Edit: found it in the service manual, shown below. If it's bad, is it best to just leave this line plugged?
2 - In the second image below, is it correct that the port at the lower left corner of the carb is for PCV, and the port above the fuel filter is the bowl vent (to charcoal canister)?



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The EFE is a vacuum operated valve bolted to one of the exhaust manifolds. If the valve is bad better check to make sure is not stuck closed. Any vacuum lines need to be either connected or plugged to prevent vacuum leaks that lean out fuel mixtures.

You seem to be correct about the two circled ports in the picture.
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