1981 Cutlass Supreme A/C

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Nov 1, 2021
Good afternoon
I have a 1981 cutlass with a sbc 350. I’m wanting to try to get my original a/c back running. I currently have the v-belt setup but plan on this weekend installing a s-10 serpentine setup. I’ve been looking at certain condensers on rock auto that should fit my application but they’re all out of stock. Does anyone know where I can find the newer parallel condenser with the fittings on the passenger side? This will just be step one of my a/c revamp! I also have to figure out why my air doesn’t blow through the vents. I just remember the last time I had the a/c running, air was only coming from the floor. I appreciate anyone who can provide me with some info.


Aug 7, 2020
Can help with the second question, this happened to me, I was only getting air in the defrost & floors on my MC. Your issue might be the HVAC Control Vacuum Control Valve. To get too it you have to remove your climate controls unit and it will be a round thing with a cluster of vacuum lines plugged into it. Basically, this unit is two round piece & one half is able to rotate as you change the setting on A/C lever, i.e., from defrost to vents. What happens is the seal between the 2 round pieces wears over time & because of it there is not enough vacuum to lift the flap/door in the center of the dash to redirect the air to the top vents. If none of this makes sense, look up HVAC control vacuum control valve on YouTube. I remember seeing video's on how to rebuild them yourself which seemed simple enough. I believe this part is discontinued by GM but you can still find NOS ones on eBay, I however went to the junk yard & looked at all the GM trucks/cars with the same style climate control and found one on an old 80's GM Van that worked for me.
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