1982 Monte E85 Blow Thru Procharged SBC Build *PICS and VIDS ADDED*


Nov 18, 2009
Ottawa, Ontario Canada
I want to hear it and feel it !!!!

I imagine it is like this:

Excited Ultimate Warrior GIF by WWE


G-Body Guru
Jan 18, 2018
Like was said, the headers probably didn’t help. You’re cramming a lot of air in there that has to get out. And the exhaust is important on a blown application but also like was said, get what you have to work. Then you can look for more power. My car was 3200 lbs and ran 9.03 with a 1.24 60’ time with 910 hp.


Thread starter
Feb 15, 2016
How about a video and some of the tune specs?

Was this on E, if yes then what? I.e. pump, E70, E85, E98...

What are you using to control the timing, i.e. launch, boost retard?
(You've probably already told us, but perhaps the dyno setup was different).

I'd about guarantee that the 1 3/4 headers weren't helping, but for that matter you could be running 2 to 2 1/4" - you're in the big block zone of header sizing. But the power loss was minimal - you're in the zone where an additional 20-30hp is not much of adifference. Your past the point of needing to make power IMHO - now you need to become a traction specialist lol.

Lastly - HOLY SCHMOLY - congratualtions - that making some steam!!!!!!
Lol your 100% right
It was pump E85... Tested at E80.

The dyno had no electronic retard so we just adjusted the static timing to what I wanted at WOT. I'm the car I will lock it with a 6AL2 programmable and pull timing with boost and rpm. We never got a clean pull NA. For the 15psi pull I had ~23/24 degrees in it using a crank trigger. The 11.5psi pull I had 24° and it made 805, I upped it 2 degrees and it made 845.
With the 3.70 pulley I was at 23/24° it made 917 but we only pulled to 6300rpm we had some belt slip. It was a brand new belt/pulley combo and we weren't able to properly break and stretch the belt in, so after a WOT 5500 rpm pull the belt stretched and it started slipping on the next run. Without any slipping it should have made about 940 at 6500 or so.
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