1983 Buick Regal Limited 4Dr

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Buford T. JuSStice

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Aug 16, 2010
Selling my Uncle's old '83 Regal Limited. It's not in great shape, but I know somebody here can do a lot more with it than the junk yard can.

Engine smokes, probably has leaking valve seals or piston rings.
Transmission has a tail shaft leak, needs a new speedometer cable (I have one out of my old '87 Caprice which will fit if you want it)
Rusty body (no rot, it's basically a ready made patina car, I've been putting boiled linseed oil on it to keep it from getting worse)
Front driver fender damage.
Front clip is a different color from another car. (also has a loose passenger side low beam bulb, needs a bucket I think?)
Front bumper damage.
Interior is in decent shape. Power driver seat, windows, locks. Needs a new door lock switch on the driver door, but I've got it and I'll include it with the car.
Also have a spare transmission that came out of my '80 Wagon - recently rebuilt so it's in good shape. Will swap right out for the one in the car.
Also have a spare engine out of my '80 Wagon, but it has a blown head gasket and needs to be rebuilt.
Needs suspension work all around since my Uncle was a big man and wore it right out.

I'll give it a month or so to see if anybody's interested, but obviously I'm not going to be asking very much for it. They didn't give me any money for the '87 Caprice when I scrapped it, so a couple hundred bucks and it's yours. It's in rough shape but the frame is good, the body is good with the exception of the fender and bumper, so it's a solid project car for anybody who wants something to work on. I'll also throw in a set of 14" Buick Rally wheels that originally came with my '80 Wagon because that car can't use them anymore since I put on bigger brakes.

Hit me up with an offer and how you're gonna come and get it!

I'm located in Milford, Connecticut, 06461
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Buford T. JuSStice

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Aug 16, 2010
Okay, didn't have to wait til the weekend. I had some time after work because I actually got out on time for once!


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