1985 GMC Caballero - Rare?

Jeff Matlock

Jeff Matlock

Nov 8, 2017
I've seen number of 2500-3500 of these made for 1985. I have a pretty decent example of one and had plans to do an LS Swap and some light mods to make it a fun driver. However, after reading around a bit, it appears that these might be a bit rare. Forum Opinion: Is it worth it to keep it stock and go through the bad stuff and restore it to original or is the word rare not a direct reflection of value in this case?




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Sep 30, 2018
2800 Caballeros compared to 21,500 El Camino's.. and from about 20 feet you couldn't tell the difference.

On the face of it, I'd say do what you want with it, and keep the ability to put it Back to stock.. (eg. if its got the 6 banger in it, take the drive train out and replace it with something fun, but keep the original drive train). If it was a SS/Diablo, then maybe it would be worth some more money, but the market isn't "VW Bus Shell for $5k, $20k+ for restored" hot for them, really.

WILL it be? Its anybody's guess. It is a beautiful car and looks in fantastic shape. I am over here in the same boat with a 86 GP. Im just going to run mine and if/when the time comes to replace the engine, move on to something fun like a 383 or LQ9 6.0. Until then, nothing wrong with running it and putting it in some shows as Stock.

You never know.. Someone might come along and say the right number to ya.. Everything on the planet is for sale.....for the right price. Mine is $10k for the GP. Someone pays me that, shes gone. Someone offered $9k, and that gave me pause, but I hadn't even had it 3 months yet... lol

Keep it, run it, do what ya want with it, IMHO..



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Oct 2, 2016
In a hundred years it will be a rare car
But then, most of ours cars will also be.
Yours will be a bit rarer, but you will be gone
Make a decision and embrace it as there is no wrong
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