1987 Cutlass Restoration Paint Job


Nov 5, 2019
Los Angeles
Hey all! I’m going to be restoring my 1987 Cutlass and posting stuff here. Feel free to ask me any questions, offer me any advice.

My focus right now is on paint and general maintenance. The interior is pretty decent and complete and I just registered her so smog Is all that’s left for the formalities. I paint and do body work he’s an MC I did for a friend I plan on going with this same paint code #WA8555 and the same HS Clear.

Next step is probably going to be to get all that old paint and whatnot off. The body seems pretty straight but the thing with these old cars is that you usually always find a lot of shoddy or otherwise unstable work underneath. I always opt to strip and start with a clean slate.

I’m using these Black Hawk strip discs

5 Pack - 4-1/2" x 7/8" Black Hawk Easy Strip Discs Clean & Remove Paint, Rust and Oxidation


I’ve found them on eBay for a little bit cheaper, I’ve enjoyed using them. sometimes they gum up but I run them on cement for a couple seconds and get back to it.

And I got a 100 pack of 80 grit DA to finish up over that for a nice mechanical bite before epoxy primer.

Next is mask and hit with Kirker Epoxy primer over bare metal. Another reason I insist on going down to bare metal on these old cars is because Epoxy is far superior to the typical etch primers use on these in the 70’s/80’s. I tend to seal the clean metal down and do my bodywork and metal work over that, including body filler ( 3-5 days window period to skim with no scuffing but I like to add some bite)

Patch panels and welding then lots of other fun stuff to come

So far on the list of things I’ve got ready:
Wax and Grease Remover “Pre Kleano”
Tack clothes
80 grit Sand paper
Strip discs
3M 6000 series mask
P2097 filters (no paper filters here 😁)
Kirker epoxy primer and catalyst
POR Patch
Paint strainers
Mixing cups
Painters face mask
Por 15 metal prep
6 mil gloves
Lacquer thinner
Cut off wheels
36 grit sandpaper
Lots of Oldies and Death Metal 😁😁

I hope to hit it this weekend. I’m waist deep in restorations so I want to knock this one out sooner than later.

Wish me luck and please shoot me all your g body knowledge as I go through this 😁🙏


Nov 1, 2015
Long Island, NY
Just here passing the time as we sit and wonder about this virus. In the meantime, saw your posting and that paint job looks amazing. I wonder how it looks now ?

I have often wondered if I should have my GP painted over in black like that from its original gold color ?
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