2007 Dodge Ram Random misfire only with new parts????

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Jul 24, 2015
In order for you to understand the entire situation I have to start at the beginning.

I have a dodge ram 2007 that was used as a ranch truck when I bought it. I drove it home and the overhead display said I was getting 17 miles a gallon on the highway on the way home from Dallas to Copperas Cove Texas where I live. (3 hour drive).

I replaced the spark plugs, 4 out of 8 coil boots, air filter, oil change, transmission fluid change, and multiple suspension parts. Also I checked the tire pressure and all the tires had between 22 to 28 psi. (vary low) truck had at the time 82,000 miles by the way. On changing I noticed the plugs and coil boots in the rear of the engine were not tightened. One spark plug was about 5 turns,(which isn't even hand tight) the other was barely hand tight and both boots the bolt were barley on.

Day 1=Drove the truck with the new parts for a day and everything was fine. MPG went to 22 on the highway

Day 2= the engine started misfiring bad. I floored the truck and it would barely go 55 and felt like the engine was firing backwards trying to stall the engine.

Day3= Replaced the remaining 4 coil packs and cam shaft sensor and crankshaft sensor.( check engine light codes said, random cylinder misfire, cylinder 3 misfire, cylinder 4 misfire, cylinder 2 misfire) The problem stopped and the truck drove fine. Mpg is now 16HWY.

Question is what caused the problem and why didnt it go back to the 22MPG I was getting for a day? Im pretty sure driving for the day with a misfire could have fouled out the plugs?

( PS. the truck was totalled in the front suspension passenger side at 16,000 miles and rebuilt) So it drove 66,000 miles bfore I bought it. It got hit by a car and the passenger side wheel and suspension rippied out. I had it checked at a my local body shop with lasers to check the frame. everything was straight.
Not open for further replies.
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