Apr 18, 2021
Hello Gents!
My father and I are working on an 81 Malibu Classic Coupe. We are doing a number of updates / upgrades but one of them is the front 3.5" speakers. I purchased some JBL 6x9's for the back and 3.5" speakers for up front. Based on what we can see as other people have said, we have 2 problems...

  • Speakers are too deep to fit into the holes
  • Speaker tweeter portions stick out and hit the grille
We can fix the speaker depth by adding some spacers (AKA washers) to fix the depth of the speakers however the depth is still a problem on the dashboard side as most people have said on the forum here. Based on what I see from in this old forum post that is closed. (shout out to Drkuhar ! ) here: , He has actually modded his front plates to make them larger to fix the depth issue. I'm thinking... 3D print some plastic fittings that go into these holes and then drape fabric across them or add spacers to the whole plate entirely to make up the height if needed and drape with some speaker fabric. Just wondering what else people have done for this in the past? I have looked through the forums a fair amount, just wondering if anyone else has came out with some alternatives? I understand I could purchase some more shallow speakers however I am a fan of these JBL's. I appreciate any ideas you guys have :)



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