CUTLASS 350 diesel head cracks

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Aug 20, 2009
North Vernon IN
Got the news from the machine shop that the heads for my wife's 350 diesel are cracked in between each valve on both heads. I've heard rumors that this was common. Anyone with any experience, can you tell me if this is something I could get away with running or are these junk
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Mar 15, 2021
Central MN
Never had the pleasure working a 5.7 diesel. I have done many head gaskets with heads cracked between the valves. Theres no water between the valves in those, never been a problem. I can not say for sure if its ok for the Olds greaseall.


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Feb 7, 2019
I have owned many of these, and yes, its a common issue. im sending along a link to a discussion about this subject, and I will post up here (copy and paste) what someone wrote thats pretty worthy. Good luck !

"Check for cracks on both heads but they are common to crack between the valves. I have reused those heads with cracks between the valve area and never had any issue.It would not hurt to have the cylinder head mating surface machined just a little.Maybe .005" or so which is'nt much.Check your block as well on the deck area.A removal of .005" there wouldn't be a bad idea either.Ive had both of my olds engines machined on the deck area.Having .004-.007 removed with no issue.You just need to use the .010 thicker victor reinz head gasket."
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