4 season car cover


Jan 25, 2013
hello people: Any thoughts on your fav. cover. My 86T (as of now) will be outside all winter.


Oct 22, 2022
I asked about a cover for my wagon a week or two ago and some members recommended an empire car cover so I purchased one. This will be the first winter I’ve used it.
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Sep 15, 2011
Rhode Island
For the money of a decent car cover, you might be able to score a car port from Harbor Freight, Tractor Supply etc. If the paint on your 86 is nice and you want to keep it that way, a car port may be the way to go. Car Covers will keep the debris and weather off of it for the most part. But, the tradeoff is, come Spring, you will be looking at many swirls and potential scratches in the paint. Yeah, all the car covers advertise that theirs "won't scratch", but they all do, especially if you reuse the cover year over year. Something will end up in the fibers that sit on the surface of the vehicle and swirls and scratches follow.

Not knowing where you are at, what your yard or driveway looks like, if you can swing it, a car port is the way to go. Wax that 86 up nice and then slide it in to the carport for the winter; come spring you'll be ready to roll without the need to spend hours polishing and detailing away the storage sins!
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Rocket Powered Basset Hound
Oct 14, 2008
Gainesville, Fl
I would have to agree with the carport idea. Even with the carport being open, I think it still affords better protection than just a car cover. Again, it depends on climate and the type of weather conditions you'd be facing.
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