700r4 advice wanted


Aug 2, 2022

I am running a TCI street/strip non-lockup 700r4 behind a 383 (technically 385 @ .040” over) stroker in my 79 Monte. The TV cable is TCI aftermarket and the carb is Barry Grant sports claw (see picture). So much time has gone by since putting the car together that I can’t remember if I did anything specific to address TV cable geometry. Or if it is even correct. I remember researching it a lot and being confused about what was correct 😉

Using the “self adjusting” procedure (slide adjuster towards firewall while pressing button then rotate to WOT), I’m pretty satisfied with the part throttle shift points but experience shifts that are too late at WOT. I’d like to have it shift around 6100 RPM but if I don’t let up it will hit an HEI controlled ~6400 limit without shifting 1-2, 2-3. I don’t really count 3-4… isn’t there something about the 700r4 design that will keep it out of overdrive unless you’re around 75% throttle or less?

I’m afraid to “loosen” the cable with the adjuster and make line pressure too low/break something. Assuming correct geometry at the throttle which I would appreciate advice on - switching from the carb to a Pro Flo 4 EFI (4150 style throttle body) in the near future, not sure if I need some kind of corrector - anyone know what kind of goals to try and achieve with line pressure?

Thanks for any tips!



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May 23, 2022
SW Arizona
Your hook up looks correct, basically you want to have TV cable 100% at end of travel by 90% of WOT. I'll have to look it up as far as pressures, but your shift quicker or later is controlled by the governor.
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May 31, 2014
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WOT shift points are controlled by the governor from what I remember. I put at 3.42 in my wife's grandprix, WOT shifts are at about 3500 rpm, unless you shift it manually. It shifted a 5000 with the 2.41 in it. The part throttle shifts were fine either way. What rear end are you running?


Sep 26, 2021
the governor springs need to be changed. i have used kits from my transmission parts supplier. i am sure you can find a governor kit/weights and springs on the net,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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