78 Regal - Header And Exhaust Fitment


Dec 23, 2008
Long Winded Info:

I was hoping you guys might have some first hand info on header and exhaust fitment for my 78 Regal. The car currently has a gen 2 LT1 motor, TH350 column shifted transmission, a\c box, 1 5/8" long tube headers, and 2.5" dual exhaust. I'm looking to step things up and already have a pretty decent pile of new parts in hand.

My current plans are leaning towards a 383 stroker setup, F1A-94 Procharger, and 4L80E transmission. I've got a lot of the parts already, but may switch things around as the project progresses. I might end up using parts I bought for other cars on the Buick, or some of the Buick parts on other cars. heh..

Mainly wanted to hear from people with hands on experience about what size headers/exhaust will actually fit in the car. I had no problem getting some $120 1 5/8" long tube headers to drop right in. The price jump to 1 3/4" coated headers looks to easily be around $700-$900. I have yet to find any 1 7/8" or larger off the shelf headers advertised.


I might spring for a custom header setup. Has anyone run 1 7/8" or larger long tubes in a Regal? I'd like to keep the a/c box and they need to clear the 4L80E. I'll most likely have to convert the column shift to some kind of cable setup anyway. I'm thinking from the header's point of view, a gen 2 LT1 is the same as a small block Chevy with angle plugs. Am I right there?

I've found plenty of people talking about running dual 3" exhaust. Is there room for 3.5" or 4"? I found one company advertising 4" oval exhaust for better ground clearance, but they never responded to my e-mails.


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