BUILD THREAD 81 Buick/Olds Turbo Wagon Catch Cans Evac Pump Finished 3/33/21


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Feb 16, 2009
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Did you just drill and tap the studs to hold the coils into the valvecovers? How did you seal them from leaks?

I need to do the same thing on my setup.

Looks good!
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Did you just drill and tap the studs to hold the coils into the valvecovers? How did you seal them from leaks?

I need to do the same thing on my setup.

Looks good!
Yes, I had started to modify, then make, a bracket, but space was tight and it looked crappy. With the thicker aluminum valve covers, I could drill and tap some holes. I used red Loctite to hold the stainless studs in the holes, and no oil is seeping so no issues. The oil seen is from the breather. Aluminum spacers keep the coils off the surface, then stainless washers and acorn nuts finish it off.

Check here for a few other pictures:



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Update time. I've finished installing the PCV and crankcase Evac catch cans. I have mounted the pump and bracket under the battery behind the bumper, using some stainless steel hardware. I bought the 6an and 10an hose, fittings, and npt adapters from fleabay. Now, these aren't the real expensive stuff, like Fragola or even the moderately priced Summit brand, both of which I have on the car. My reasoning, these aren't going to see much pressure or vacuum. The downside. the fittings OD aren't as big as the higher quality fittings. So, I went and drilled them out.

Here are the fittings and hose I received.


Here you can see the before and after of the NPT to 6an and 10an adapters.

20210226_164448.jpg 20210226_164454.jpg 20210226_164456.jpg

Here is the tight radius 10an elbof for the passenger side valve cover, i is really close to the turbo bracket, but clearance is clearance.

20210226_081432.jpg 20210226_081442.jpg 20210226_210740.jpg

The drivers side valve cover with the hose and fitting. The downside, I have to remove this hose and fitting when adding oil to the engine. I really should pull the valve covers, and weld in 10an fittings, but this will work for this season.


A few shots of the 10an to NPT adapters threaded into the evac pump. The safety wire was to keep from splitting the plastic when tapping the threads, and inserting the fittings. I used some heat shrink with adhesive to cover it up.

20210226_165937.jpg 20210226_170329.jpg

Some final pics of the hoses and catch cans all wrapped up. Ill repaint the underhood brace when the weather warms a few more degrees. The pcv hoses are using fuel injection clamps where the hose mates to the vacuum tubing and pcv check valve. It look cleaner, and clamps more evenly.

20210226_210731.jpg 20210226_210744.jpg


I'll have a video soon on my YouTube, I added a video of the battery hold down I made also.
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