81 GP HVAC vacuum control valve P/N

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Jul 7, 2022
Pittsburgh, PA
The picture below isn't mine - it's just to clarify the part. I need the vacuum control valve for my 1981 Grand Prix, with A/C. Does anybody know the GM part number for this?

Here's one online: El Camino Heater And Air Conditioning Control Panel Vacuum Switch, 1978-1987
It's only listed for El Camino but I think that would work in mine? It's out of stock anyway.

I had the whole control out of my car once & don't want to take it out again until I have the part to put back in.
& FYI, there's a fix for these (here) that I did and it briefly fixed it, but it's losing vacuum again so I'll just replace it.


If you want a new one, dig DEEP. Then dig some more. These jokers are super-unobtanium. 2-port is 7897420, and the 9-port is 16037778.


Here's the cheapest 9-port I could find on ebay. 196.00 plus shipping/tax. I remember people whining when they were forking over $50 or so for these things.

95 bucks for the 2-port. Free shipping though. :)

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Crikey. Okay, not paying that. Plan B... get a used one & figure out how to make it work.
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