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Jun 11, 2022
I'm making this thread to give a proper timeline of the work I've done to my gbody. I've been driving her daily for almost a year at the time of starting this thread. Let it be known that I myself am not a mechanic, I'm simply just a young man that has more than general knowledge of how automobiles work-who also likes to work on my own cars. An enthusiast to say the least.
My vision for now is to make it a reliable daily driver with the stock 305 that came with her while slowly fixing and upgrading any problems that come along. My dream is to half restomod half OEM spec my Malibu (383, trans, cutout dual exhaust, bags, satin paint, interior upgrade, etc).
My Malibu needed/needs a lot of work both on the regular maintenance end as well as big jobs. She's 40 years old haha. I'm sure she was sitting for a while before acquiring her. There are signs of bad/"that'll do" type work and "mods" that were done on her like missing vacuum lines, random engine harness connections that didn't connect to anything, and zip ties. I made a halfass list of the work it needed done, so its mildly accurate, but let's start from day 1.

I pick up my gbody from the auction after winning as an online bidder while at work on a Saturday, during a last-minute attempt to score on a car for myself.
Malibu needed to be jumped in order to take her home, so the first thing she needed was a battery. Upon arriving at Autozone, buying and installing a new battery, my engine wouldn't turn over, but I did hear a loud whining noise when turning the key... that's right, I needed a starter as well. Thankfully, an Autozone across town all the way in Arlington had a starter.
-new battery
-new starter
-full tank of gas
-happy new owner


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Amateur Mechanic
Sep 24, 2020
Nice car. I see a young palm in one of the pictures so you're definitely well south of Mason Dixon.


G-Body Guru
Sep 27, 2021
Mesa, AZ
Sounds like you have good plans. Making project lists on paper, yes, I said paper, will help you to visualize your project better and get a visualized cost analysis. Remember, things cost more than expected and take longer than expected. Getting the car solid first is always the better plan then going for "bling" item first. However, sometimes they are one in the same. Who cares how nice it looks if it always breaks down.

I try to purchase most everything I need for each project before I start but there are always additional things needed to complete the projects that need to be bought at the time the project is being done.

We are here to help. Ask questions.
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Rocket Powered Basset Hound
Oct 14, 2008
Gainesville, Fl
Welcome aboard! Looks like the makings of a cool cruiser and sleeper. You could also emulate a plain wrapper police cruiser.
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Goat Herder
Supporting Member
Dec 1, 2014
Upstate NY
If your 305 is in good condition (leak down and compression), then you might find a small turbo setup would be cheaper than a new 383.

Not trying to sway you - do as you wish - but TURBO THE WORLD!!

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Thread starter
Jun 11, 2022
After driving for a night to get a feeling for the my Malibu, the brakes started to screech and I mean bad…I was only able to buy new pads for the brake job but I got it done and the brakes were way better. I also witnessed the final resting place for a small gecko who met what it appears to be a miscalculated demise in my caliper cylinder.


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Clone TIE Pilot

Comic Book Super Hero
Aug 14, 2011
Galaxy far far away
He must have been in there for awhile.
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