MONTE CARLO 85 Monte Carlo ss ls swap intercooler mounting question

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Nov 6, 2018
Hey fellas! First post and first g body car! Just got me a 1985 Monte Carlo ss back halfed car and putting my 408 stroker ls, f1a-94 procharger and rpm level 5 4l80e in. Just curious where you Monte Carlo ss guys put the intercooler at? I feel like running it in that small air damn will block a lot of air to the radiator and I don’t want overheating issues. Do you guys cut that air damn out or put the intercooler under the air damn and run electric fans on them? Any pics would be appreciated! Thanks!
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Turbo Zach

Turbo Zach

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Sep 8, 2015
A lot of Grand National guy's run front mount with out any issues. I would look at Grand National ones my self. They should fit with little modification.

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