85 Monte Carlo SS rear bumper shock


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Jan 2, 2006
Ah, I see now- under closer scrutiny of the part numbers, it seems 81-88 rear bumper shocks are the same 22017527. I was only looking year by year comparison for SS (YG5/Z65/Z16) and non-SS and the numbers became different with a quick scan.

The SS front bumper shocks are the same as G37 non-SS up through 1986, but for 87-88 the NON-SS got a different part number up front, except for 86 LS, not the other way around. So they did become different, but only for the NON-SS versions in 1986-88 (except 86 LS). And apparently, for 87-88, they made an SS and LS. That was it. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Front SS bumper shocks through 83-88 is 22017528.
Front NON-SS bumper shocks through 1986 is 22027528. NOTE: In 1986 only, the LS (Z09) got the new number.
Front NON-SS bumper shocks 87-88 (and 86 LS only) is 22055073.

Make sense now? :)

BTW, the front honeycomb support for the SS nose is p/n 16502220 that is the same 83-88. I don't know much about Montes, so that's evident.
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