85 T-Type 6.0L LS Turbo, Murrieta, CA

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Jan 13, 2018
Year: 1985
Make: Buick
Model: Regal
Trim: T-Type
Price: 16K TK/ 10K rolling

[email protected]

The build:
Gen III LQ4 (9.4:1 comp, 317 heads), Comp turbo cam, Comp springs, Comp push rods, HV oil pump, Car oil pan, MSD 6LS ignition controller, Moroso 11mm wires with heat sleeves, Vic Jr. intake, FiTech 1200HP fuel injection, TH400, 4K stall, Currie Ford 9” 3.89’s with locker and ladder bars and coil-over shocks, On3 76mm turbo, Snow methanol injection, large front mount intercooler, wrapped turbo manifolds, brand new fuel system with Magna Fuel 650 pump, boost referenced regulator, -10an line, 4 wheel Aerospace disc brakes, flaming river steering box, front QA-1 coil over shocks/springs, mini-tubbed, sits real low while maintaining ample ground clearance. 10pt roll cage, full Grand National interior, RacePak dash with new backlight screen, new trans temp and boost gauges, Hurst Quarter stick with link lock button, new carpet, Weld Aluma-Stars 15x10 and 15x4 with M/T Drag Radials 295/65/15 (huge rear street tires!) and skinnies up front.

Transmission leaks (front pump seal?), excess blow-by (likely turbo seals, pistons look good and plugs are perfect), paint (5/10) clear coat is flaking on edges and car has dings and scratches (looks was not my priority).

Why I am selling:

I love this car and it has been with me for 12 years and was my best friends before that. I don’t have to sell this but want to focus on my daily driven Monte LS which is more of a sleeper. I used to frequent the track before I joined the military 17 years ago and thought I would get back to my weekly track outings but that has never been possible so I am going to part with my “street/strip” build in favor of focusing on my driver until retirement. I am not desperate at all so no-ballers. I will consider offers in person.

As is (running/driving, needs some things to be right): $16K TK. 10K rolling (less motor/trans/turbo setup/fuel system). If you want to make a deal for something in-between running and rolling we can work that, I like having extra parts 😉 20190727_204023.jpg


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