86 GP project

It was extremely hot and humid yesterday, so I obviously decided to jump in on the bodywork on this car. Had some rust to repair on the hood, and a couple dents. The doors and fenders have holes from the moldings to weld up. And the car has a bunch of dings to massage out and fill.
I have a glass guy coming to remove the windshield this week, so I can repair the rust in the channel.
Hopefully I can hit it hard and get it in primer in 2 weeks.🤞

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Some progress. I got both doors aligned, and started hogging down the panels. Not sure how far im going to go, as the car is pretty much rust free. Found Some plastic in areas that I figured it would be. This car was owned by a local shop owner, and was painted at some point in the late 90’s, so no surprise there. 99% sure it’s sikkens on the car and the shop is a quality shop, plus it seems they sanded down to bare metal before it was painted, so I'm not really worried about taking the whole car down to metal. We’ll see as I move along.
I have also decided on a color.



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That Bimmer color is going to look great on there Chris! Can’t wait to see it.
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That Bimmer color is going to look great on there Chris! Can’t wait to see it.
Im pretty excited to do it. Wanted to do my Malibu in the BMW color, but I just don’t feel it on there. I’m basically going for the look of this GP, just a little higher off the ground.


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Windshield was cut out today, and the new one was dropped off. I’ll clean out all the rust in the channel, epoxy prime, then I’ll have the new one installed. Not a fan of having good glass laying around outside of the car.
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Today I stripped everything out of the doors, and covered the glass with 3m spark paper. I removed all the weatherstripping from both door jambs as well. I set all the chrome aside to get prepped to paint black. I also attempted to remove the quarter glas, but the PO urethaned them in, so I’ll have to cut them out. I pulled all the carpet from the trunk to fix a rust spot on the left side. I still have to pull the bumper fillers, but I have plenty of room before I get near the ends of the car.
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Thought I was done, but one more update for the day. I managed to get the quarter windows out today as well. Drivers side was a huge fight. Passenger side was easier as I was able to pull the paint with the glass. Mission accomplished for the day. First trip on my boat for the summer tomorrow.
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