87 El Camino dash replacement options

Ace Burt

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Jul 23, 2017
My apologies if this thread should have gone elsewhere. I looked in the interior section (7-8 pages in?) and couldn't find anything that was an exact match for my question.

Does anyone know where we can get replacement dashes in less than 10 months (OPGI) or pay less than $1700 (and wait 4 months - Just dashes) for a re-furb job? I don't mind paying the OPGI price but the wait is too long. Trying to get my car build done and ironically this is the only item really causing me grief.

Thank you in advance for any leads or tips you can give me,
I wanted to follow up on this post and let everyone know with the help of one of our forum sponsors (Dixie restorations) I was able to locate someone that pulls these dashes from the junk yard (or you can ship him yours) and strips them, resprays the foam and shapes them and then wraps them in whatever you want. I wanted black with red stitching. Basically same price as the cheap ones you can find out there with a couple weeks wait time instead of 6 months to a year. Take a look and judge for yourselves. PM me if you want his info or to know what it cost me. It looks beautiful and the work and materials are very high quality.


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Feb 26, 2014
Did he ship in back to you in a crate so it survived the handling?
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Feb 6, 2017
Just to share with all G-body owners, I have been on OPGI's wait list for their replacement dash for about 2 years. Earlier this year, OPGI called to check whether I was still interested and had received and was holding one for me. Unfortunately, when I verified it, they were holding the wrong color--Red rather than Claret. So, I went back to the wait list. Then, 2 weeks ago, OPGI again contacted me to inform me that this time they had a Claret dash replacement. After arranging for shipment to Hawaii. I made the commitment to spend the $700+ for a new dash. I am now awaiting the shipment and will provide an update upon arrival and inspection.
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