A wiring conundrum


Jan 15, 2021
Hi folks. New to the group and I've bought myself a mess, wiring wise that is. When I got the car someone had done a bit of a hack job on the wires under the hood and unplugged others with no way of telling where any of them go and, I'm hoping you can help me out with them! It's an '85 Cutlass Supreme which at one time had A/C and cruise. First pic is under where the wiper motor should be, not there when I got the car, second one is to the right side of the brake booster and the last one are just hanging on the left side of the engine! Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance


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Jan 15, 2021
Not only did they hack the wires up, but they stuck a damned Che*vy motor in it!
So, what's your question? Trying to get the gauges to work?
Start here: https://maliburacing.com/a-g-body-wiring-diagrams/
I've gone through those wiring diagrams and still don't see what goes where! The colors don't match up with a lot of the ones I'm seeing! Not exactly sure what engine is in it other that it's a 350 block with 194, 305, heads. I just painted the valve covers in Chevy orange!


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Dec 26, 2013
85 probably had a computer, which sounds like is not operational. All the computer wires are in a harness that ducks under the heater box on the passenger side. The main engine, heater, and lighting are in the bulkhead connector on the driver's side. Cruise control wires come out lower and under the brake booster. The maliburacing diagrams should pretty well cover the bulhead connector wires, not so much on the cruise and computer.


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Feb 9, 2010
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Oct 22, 2017
the wiper motor for that car requires more than one plug. seeing those two plugs are close to where it would be their's a good chance they plug into the wiper motor/washer assembly.


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Feb 20, 2018
Even though they share a lot in common, i don't think the 'BuRacing diagrams will help you with the picky sh*t. First thing you need to acquire is a proper service manual for your 85. Place called Faxon, accessible on line, offers manuals for sale. Next thing you need is a windshield wiper motor and be aware that they come in more than one version and vary from the standard 2-spd and park through intermittent to low to high speed. Once you identify the harness for that unit, it will tell you visibly what version you had. The switch, either on the dash or on the turn signal stick, can also offer clues.

If your new project did have that first Gen EEE or ECU or whatever the flavor of factory title it got graced with, it would have been located behind the passengers side kick panel just under the dash at the bottom of the A Pillar. Chances are good what you will find is either nothing or an aluminum box that has no wires running to it or they are just hanging in the wind. There have been discussions about these dinosaurs uploaded to other rooms on this site , so only thing to note is that the power for it came from the 3/8ths stud on the starter solenoid; you may be inch-worming around under the motor and find the wires just hanging, or they have been mutilated by clipping off the ring terminals and left to rot.

There is such a animal as a 350 CID Olds if memory serves. Totally different physical appearance than a Chev. Not about to get into the what should be in what scrimmage; that is an ongoing and endless debate.

It would be useful to have a full shot of the engine showing topside and then profiles of each side in turn, just to see what did get connected and what is just flopping around by way of wires. In picture number 2, that connection is a five wire weatherpak connector, the female half. It should either mate to a matching five pin female or be a plug in to a socket. YOu did mention A/C but not on which side it used to be located. I will leave this to the Olds specialists on board but think it possible that the A/C compressor may have been located differently from side to side depending on if the motor was Chev or Olds/corporate. If the compressor is mia then it may have been the destination for the large *ss five pin connector currently hanging around.

You should be aware that, without the "computer" both the distributor and carburetor are very limited in what they can do and accomplish. Both these items sent data to that box and got feedback from it. The essential difference is/was that it did not do any data logging and could only respond to input on a fixed and limited basis. It can be tuned or tweaked but that is again, a topic located elsewhere. if the box is, in fact, disabled or gone, you will likely have to determine what versions of your carb and distributor you have and whether they can stand alone without the assistance of an E-brain in the equation.


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