Aerocoupe rear glass R&R from GM


Aug 29, 2021
So I have a 1987 Aerocoupe. Came across a clean 1987 white SS with minimal
options and 33k miles. Really mint. Picked it up for $7k. I know. Too good to be true. Had all documentation from new. 1 owner. Guy did not even own a cell phone.

So in the documents was a GM update to the tech manual on a step by step how to change an Aerocoupe rear window? So I am posting it here. For those that may be interested. Pretty cool find since I have an Aerocoupe.

BTW the white car is for sale. It’s awesome! Base coat clear coat repaint in 1990. Not registered since 1997. Sadly I am just flipping it.

Cool docs though!



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