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Mar 10, 2010
Small town NY
My go to fittings are usually Aeroquip but the local speed shop stocks XRP. Today I needed a 45 degree hose end to finish the line from the fuel pump to carb. I dont remember when I put the fitting on the carb end of the hose but it was already an XRP. Not too fond of them since theyre the cutter style fitting but the place that sells Aeroquip was closed today so I hit the speed shop and bought another XRP for the other end. Marked the line, cut it, put the fitting on and it turned out to be a little long. Now Im going to make another one. Glad Ive got a few lengths of braided line. Not my favorite thing to do although its a lot easier since I bought one of the Kool Tools from Summit.
So the question for the guys using AN lines, what brand fittings do you folks prefer ?


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Dec 1, 2014
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I use whatever is available. We've used Aeroquip, Eaton, Eaton china knockoffs, Evil Energy (china), Jegs and Summit house brand, and some Earl's as well. I'm yet to have any brand let me down.

The local speed shop has only Aeroquip, but they usually don't have my size stuff ( -10 and -12).


Aug 8, 2011
The Kool Tool works great I have had mine for years, I have used Earls mainly for many years and have used Russel and Aeroquip also but for the past 5 or so years I used with this style Ebay fitting that is a copy of Russel fitting, they are affordable and good quality ,with nice anodizing and I haven't had an issue with any of them since using them.
My entire Regal has been plumbed with these since I started building it and I also have some on my Monte.
This is the current seller I deal with.
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Dec 12, 2017
I have used a variety of AN fittings depending on what Im going to use it for,I got mine from the local "speed shop" Some regular auto parts store .As well check around airports as well.


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Aug 8, 2011
One thing I always buy is swivel seal hose ends so it installs easier and you are not locked into a set position.
And years ago I bought some cheap Ebay hose ends that were not a full flow design it was a 10 AN 90 but the I.D. was comparable to a 8 AN.
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Oct 22, 2017
i match the brand of hose to the might not make a difference but if a hose i made fails because of i used xyz fittings with lmnop hose i feel
like a jerk.for all I know it's perfectly fine to mix and match,it's just me.565's rite though it's swivel fittings a 100%. I'm ok with the adapters being house/off brand as something like that is a standard threaded part,there's no variation.

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