And You Thought Fuel Prices Were High Now!?..... U.S. CARBON TAX Here We Come!

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Feb 7, 2019
Many of the world’s largest fossil-fuel companies have joined the growing chorus advocating for a carbon tax — while at the same time planning to increase their oil & gas production over the coming decade.

Clearly, they believe that the carbon price will not be high enough to push oil and gas out of the market by 2030, that demand for their products will remain high, and, ultimately, that their fossil-fuel expansion plans will remain profitable.
And if Big Oil succeeds in profiting from its increased oil & gas production — with all the resulting millions of tons of greenhouse gas emissions — then carbon pricing will have failed.

It also seems likely that they will seek to use their influence over politicians to ensure this happens — or they risk losing billions of dollars.

Shell, which regularly touts its green-energy credentials, is planning to increase its crude-oil production by more than half by 2030 and its gas production by more than a quarter, according to Norwegian consultancy Rystad Energy.

“Despite what a lot of activists say, it is entirely legitimate to invest in oil and gas because the world demands it,” chief executive Ben van Beurden told Reuters in October. “We have no choice.”

Similarly, ExxonMobil aims to increase oil & gas production over the next decade by 25%, BP by 20.1% and Total by 12% (with the latter denying any blame for greenhouse gas emissions by claiming it has no responsibility for how its customers use its products).

These four companies — along with ConocoPhillips, the world's largest independent pure-play exploration and production oil & gas company — are supporting the carbon plans laid out by the right-leaning Climate Leadership Council (CLC) lobby group, which advocates for an initial carbon fee of $40 per ton in the US that will increase every year by 5% above inflation, as well as a fee-and-dividend approach and carbon border taxes.

It seems contradictory that they would support such a scheme while at the same time planning to significantly increase their oil output. So why would they do so?

“It prevents other things that they think would be worse for their business model,” said Joseph Majkut, director of climate policy at non-partisan US think-tank the Niskanen Center.

One of these “things” is a ban on petrol and diesel cars and vans, which is already being imposed in countries such as the UK and France.

The CLC carbon plan also calls for an end to all other “stationary source carbon regulations”, and an end of subsidies for renewable energy.

A carbon tax alone would inevitably result in cleaner and more efficient internal-combustion-engine (ICE) vehicles, not an end to them, whereas a ban on ICEs creates an existential crisis for Big Oil companies.

Big Oil also favors a carbon tax because it would more heavily penalize coal — which is three times more carbon-intensive than natural gas — and thus enable gas-fired power to replace the dirtier fuel.

$5 per Gallon Fuel is coming, conservatively speaking, making our beloved G bodies a "one weekend" a year driver, that's if there is no ban in the foreseeable future.

Has anyone stopped to think, the planet was covered in ice, "THE ICE AGE" and just by chance this all melted away, "GLOBAL WARMING" and just by chance this happened before any humans inhabited the Planet, OR any "FOSSILE FUELS" were extracted or burned to power our " VEHICLES" that dint even exist yet... the only thing that's dirty and so toxic is this scheme these environmental nut jobs are imposing on us, and by chance if you disagree with them, then your portrayed as the anti Christ.

Id like to know in all these proposals, why no one has mentioned the millions of acres of forestry lost to fires each year, natural occurring volcanos, each spewing more carbon, more soot , and generate about 200 million tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) annually just from the volcano's!!! Why are they not going after mother nature herself, because mother nature is incapable of paying, its all about the money, PERIOD, and not about the environment they are so eloquently and conveniently using as a tool to get your last hard earned dollar.

Am I for cleaner reenable energy, YES! Am I for cleaner burning internal combustion engines (ICE) YES! More MPG? YES! NOT A BAN on ICE!

As an ending thought, has anyone addressed or mentioned the amount of environmental pollutants caused by the production AND THE disposal OF solar Panels!???? Of coarse not, like I stated prior, its a dirty money laundering Scheme! P.E.R.I.O.D!


Dec 15, 2020
Alexandria, VA
The higher the price of fuel the higher the petroleum companies' profits. And the greedy politicians are always salivating over coming up with new things to tax. I believe that anyone that drives a motorized vehicle or uses electricity contributes to climate change. But the media and politicians personify and demonize the inanimate rather than violate the cardinal rule: don't alienate a voter or a viewer. It's all spin, agree they are not looking at the full life cycle costs (or obfuscating them) in order to cash in on the latest simple-minded bandwagon.
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Oct 25, 2019
Colorado Springs, CO
Well when you offshore the production of everything, people lose sight of what it takes to make stuff. Same as the d-bags who are against animal cruelty, but still love to guzzle cheeseburgers. If you've ever done any reading on a debt based economy, you'd understand the necessity for "them" to squeeze every last dollar out of us. It sucks and I don't condone it, but there is no stopping it. The only solution is to ball harder.


Nov 18, 2009
Ottawa, Ontario Canada
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