B body 8.5 10 bolt

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Mar 30, 2016
Lockport, Il
So I have this 8.5 10 bolt out of a b body wagon. So from the parts and scraping the car I'm ahead little bit.
Question is do I have it shorten to G body specifications or would it cost to much to for this work. Has any one had thoughts on this or is it way out there in left field


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Jan 4, 2009
Wellston, OK
Easier than finding a G body 8.5, but you'll still have to address the upper mount geometry and lower mounts


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Feb 16, 2009
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Kinda. They need to be modified. I am pretty left field, so buckle in for the oddest way to save money on your rear axle you've seen lately :p.

I am planning on doing another 8.5 10 bolt for wagon this summer.

I did a zr2 s10 8.6 rear which works but is too wide. C5 wheels solved that. Long term i want to go back to 15" wheels with 4" BS so I am going to cut the rear I built (below) to stock G width and upgrade axles since I shattered a stock 30 spline axle. I am a special case though (500+ hp stick blown LS2)

My next build is to take the stock 7.5 g body rear and cut the tubes half way between the housing and the LCA bracket and remove the whole 7.5 center section. I have a spare 8.5 center section from a zr2 on hand so I am going to cut the tubes in a similar place and butt weld the 7.5 axles to the 8.5 carrier. Then I will bolt the plate I make (below) and bolt to the 8.5 carrier.

I will end up with
stock 7.5 rear- Free
8.6 out of a zr2 S10, 1500 silverado, or a B body (A b body posi rear is the best since you can keep the stock carrier in place since they have a clutch posi stock)- $150
Sandwich plate UCA mounts- lots of my time but if I ever get around to making them like I said 2 years ago- $175-200
Moser 30 spline GN width 8.5 axles from summit-$250
Yukon clutch 30 spline carrier (optional for B body but i would do it for a gov lock, i grenaded mine) $300

If you "buy" the setup I will end up with it's $900 plus time, which is roughly what a GN rear costs but you have upgraded axles. It's about 600 bucks less than most 9" new I have seen by the time you end up with a carrier worth a damn.



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Mar 21, 2017
It can be done...

This control arm swap kit from SSM Performance is designed to bolt a 1978-1996 GM B-Body 10-Bolt rear end into a 1978-1988 GM G-Body; this includes Monte Carlo, Malibu, El Camino, Regal, Grand National, Grand Prix and Cutlass. The upper control arms are built at the correct angle to attach to the G-Body chassis as well as the B-Body rear end "ears". These control arms are a must any time this swap is being completed. Using factory control arms will cause drastic rear end bind and incorrect driveline angle, this leads to traction loss, vibrations and unsafe handling.

Our extreme duty control arms allow for pinion angle adjustment for reduced vibration and increased traction. Our exclusive Polyurethane bushings offer controlled positioning during suspension travel which improves traction and rear suspension efficiency. This item is a must for any high horsepower
Benefits: Pinion angle adjustments for improved traction and reduced wheel hop. Heavy duty construction for long lasting durability on the street or track. Complete ready to bolt-in and most kits includes polyurethane rear end housing bushings.
Stock control arms are on the borderline of junk, bushing deflection and rusting weak stamped material add for traction loss and poor handling ability. Our tubular control arms are designed to give you the best of both worlds, whether your car is a weekend cruiser or a weekend track addict we got you covered.
These are truly overkill! All grade 8 hardware is included. Made in USA!
All parts are custom built in house. Indianapolis Indiana

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Features and Benefits:
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  • Reduces Wheel Hop
  • Improves Handling And Stability
  • Stronger Than Stock Arms
  • Features TIG-welded Construction
  • Pinion angle adjustment
  • Sway Bar Ready
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