Baer 14" Track Brakes



Dec 26, 2013
Is anyone running these, and if so, did you have problems with the caliper brackets and/or centering rings?

The reason I ask is that my friend is building a 70 C10. He got a kit from a vendor specializing in the breed, but when I was helping him mock them up, the calipers wouldn't clear the rotors and the holes to mount the calipers were too small. Also, it had red centering rings that don't fit the hub well at all. The vendor is denying any problems, but I'm beginning to doubt he's ever sold any. It seems as though the guy packaged some Baer parts with reman Corvettte calipers. I found a post on a DSM site from 2007 where someone had the EXACT same issue. Allegedly, the centering rings should be silver......


Mar 6, 2018
Sounds like he purchased a kit pieced together by that vendor
I recommend that he returns the parts. Get his refund and pony up the $$$ for the real kit
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