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Royal Smart Person
May 29, 2009
So since July I went from 0 bikes for about 10 years to 4 bikes, it's getting a little out of hand. Right now I've got a very nice 1995 Honda cr250 with a ported engine and carb upgrade I did, a 2007 Yamaha Raptor 700 that I put an EFI tuner, intake and dual exhaust on. The raptor and the cr are both stupid fast... In different ways but they're both nuts. The raptor is so damn torquey it's kinda hard to ride because it just wants to wheelie, the cr is sort of the same but it just flat our rips, like warp speed on the starship Enterprise. Plus I've got my 74 Yamaha MX360 and a little 1981 Honda CR80... They're both projects but need minimal work. The MX just needs rings, the CR80 needs rear shocks, fork seals, and a top end rebuild.

Who else is into off road and vintage bikes?


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