Blackout head light covers 84 Regal


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Feb 19, 2010
Hampton Roads, Va
I purchased a set of removable plexiglass headlight cover for my Regal many years ago. They had small aluminum brackets that had 3m tape to secure them. Saw a pic of them from a post in 2017 posted by Rudy 913 But the thread was closed for replies.
One of mine broke in half yesterday while removing it to drive home at night. I checked Ebay and other site but nothing came up. Anyone know where I can buy a replacement set?
Cant figure out how to post a pic of mine on my STP #42 Buick Regal Petty tribute car. Help needed.


Master Mechanic
Apr 29, 2017
You can buy a set at TR custom parts. Just search Grand National parts for the website. They are $62 shipped, clear or tinted.
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