Box of new G body front end rebuild parts (ball joints, tie rods, bushings, etc)

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G-Body Guru
Sep 1, 2018
Southern New Jersey near Philly
  • Moog K6177 (1 large front lower control arm bushing) This is missing the small diameter bushing)
  • Moog K6177 (1 large, 1 small front lower control arm bushing set)
  • Moog K6176 2 boxes front upper control arm bushings with 2 bushings in each box
  • Moog 2034RL (inner tie rod)
  • Euclid E-6631 (ES2033RL) (outer tie rod) made in Canada
  • Auto Drive K6145 2 boxes lower ball joints made in USA
  • PQ Pro Quality ESR033RL 2 boxes outer tie rods
  • Box of loose ball joints of unknown brands (3 lowers and 2 uppers)
  • Loose idler arm of unknown brand

This are from the estate of a long time friend that passed away.
All items are new and unused. They may have surface rust or dust from sitting. Some might be missing pieces of hardware (castle nut, boot, cotter pin, grease fittings, etc.

Asking $125 plus shipping for all items listed.


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