Brake issue


Aug 5, 2020
I have an 86 cutlass supreme with 3.8 ltr. Has been sitting for 7 years.. vacuum lines look bad.. got it started but runs at a high rpm and the brakes lock up.. any idea of the issue?.. other question.. can I remove vacuum lines and remove the emissions? Will it still run and if so is there any guide or info on doing this?


Rocket Powered Basset Hound
Dec 26, 2013
Removing everything will likely result in a poor running engine, loss of creature comforts, and unreliability. Removing emissions equipment may be impossible depending on where you live (Kalifornia & Kolorado). Vacuum hose is cheap; buy 10' and go to town, replacing each one at a time. If you really want to gut it, you need a non-computer distributor and carb. The 3.8 is a tough engine; put some 15w-40 oil in and run it. They're definitely no powerhouse.

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