Brake lights staying on after power booster replacement (pedal return issue) ?


May 25, 2021
Hey guys, I had to replace my brake vacuum booster on my '86 el camino and now the brake pedal barely, just barely, doesn't return far enough to the sensor and my brake lights are staying on. Here's a picture of the situation.


The white thing is the brake light sensor. does anybody know if it's position can be adjusted? seems like it maybe could thread or move forward or backwards?

Any other ideas for how to fix this issue?


oldsmobile joe

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Nov 12, 2015
You can adjust the stop light sw. Hold the brake pedal up and push the brake switch toward the pedal. It will click when it moves.
The gray switch should be adjusted also.
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Jan 2, 2006
Why is it rusty underneath your instrument panel? Flood car?
Possible high humidity. None of that junk under there is protected. If sustained high humidity, you can get rust like that without having to flood the car to do it. I've seen this on pristine, low-mile cars that were stored in a barn or garage without a sealed concrete floor. The under-car metal got rust coated as all get out because of it.

Here's a pic of an 87 442 I was considering purchasing years ago with like 15K miles on it...too much rust under it. The garage did not have a moisture barrier put down before pouring the floor and the car spent most of its life in that garage. Car was gorgeous and looked like 15K miles up top, but looked like 115K miles underneath. No undercoating but not preserved very well. Not knocking it, but it just wasn't the one for me.

Illinois 87 442.jpg
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