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Dec 1, 2017
Jupiter, FL
Just sharing some info.

I found a guy in South Florida who runs a website called Turbo6performance.com. He said he is relocating from PA to FL currently and has more parts coming down. i went to his garage, he had parts galore for Regal/Type T/ GN's all over. he sourced GN's and parted them out and has them stacked for sale. he ships as well

i was able to get my rear trunk filler plate for my Landau to hardtop conversion in really good condition for a good price. also picked up a brand new bag of clips for the window trim.

currently he said his site is old and they are working on updating it and his intentions are to compete with the likes of Gbodyparts, etc.
i can confirm what I saw, which was multiple parts from old GN's, etc. (he had 5 hoods right on the side when I walked in).

if anybody needs some parts for their Buick and cannot find them you can always try him.

His name is Mike. i have his cell if anyone is interested.


Nov 15, 2014
Des Moines, Iowa


G-Body Guru
Sep 1, 2018
Southern New Jersey near Philly
I know he kept changing his business name because of some issues. Some people vented about it and he got mouthy so the owners banned him. His business used to be
332 Chester Pike
Norwood, Pa 19074
(610) 329-9192


G-Body Guru
Dec 1, 2017
Jupiter, FL
Ah. Thanks for that tip. He seemed nice in person and had a bunch of stuff in stock

well if anybody tries to get something and has a bad experience please share it here so we all know

im going to reach back out to him about some door pricing

will keep ya posted
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