Carb help!



Mar 31, 2018
I have a LQ4 in my 87 cutlass and I have been struggling with it since I installed it. It is a bone stock engine with a TH350. I have at Holley 650 ultra on it and I can not get this thing to run right from a stop or sudden WOT. If I slowly roll into the gas it runs great. Any setting on the 6014 box it still stumbles when I get on it. I had a friend help me lock the timing at 32* and same thing. I have tried going up in size with the Squirters with no luck. I checked the engine vacuum and it is 20” in gear so I installed a 9.5 power valve with no luck. The four corner idle mixtures screws can only be turned out about a half turn before it runs too rich. Has anyone had problems like these before? I’m very tempted to buy a new Holley 750 but I am not sure if that is what will fix it. This is a learning process for me as I don’t have much experience with mechanics but can do basic things. If anyone has and ideas or suggesting I would really appreciate it.
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