CE Auto Electric Supply


Royal Smart Person
Mar 10, 2010
Small town NY
If anyones looking for Packard terminals, custom battery cables and anything else related to wiring your car check this place out.
Ive purchased custom cables for both of my cars from them and they do a fantastic job. Many different options.
I just ran out of female Packard terminals while I was redoing the plugs on the AC harness that I picked up at the local yard. I started to place an online order for a couple of different sizes and noticed they close at 2:00 today. Im in NY, theyre in AZ. I called them a few minutes ago and the owner Tony answered the phone. I asked him if the terminals were in stock. He said they were. I told him I was placing an online order and asked if they would ship Monday. He said if I finished the order right away he would get them in the mail today. NICE GUY !!!!
Plus Ive called him a couple of time before I ordered the cables for my wagon and he took the time to answer any questions that I had. He also gave me some advice on what to use.
I'll be giving out his name to everyone I know.

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