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Mar 6, 2018
I'm wanting to go ahead and add replacement springs that will keep me at my current ride height in the front of my el camino

Moog 5600,5602 and 5608 are listed as stock replacement springs
Free standing lengths vary but installed height appear to be listed all the same at 11 inches

I have been advised to use the 5660 spring. I see it's a common swap but I'm seeing people are cutting 1/4 cool off of them
Moog lists the install height as 10.75 inches

So if my math and thought process are correct. The 5660 should give me the same or about .250 lower ride height in the front

If this is correct I'll be happy with that. I'm currently lowered using a drop spindle and I do not wish to change that

I assuming that people are cutting the 1/4 coil just to obtain a desired ride height correct and in my application it wouldn't need it

Thanks for clarifying this for me


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Dec 26, 2013
IIRC, the installed height is very close across the board with the difference being the spring rate. Personally, I put the 5662s in (also 2" drop spindles) which are one of the stiffest, however, they are just adequate in my v6 car. I don't know how the v8 guys fare as it seems they would be way softer with more weight on them. I am still contemplating the taller lower ball joint because it still looks a little higher than I'd like. I just don't have room for the camber correction up top, and don't want to get into aftermarket upper a-arms quite yet.


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Sep 6, 2016
Southlake, TX
It may need more the 1/4 coil to achieve the ride height you want. Just cut the springs 1/4 coil at a time to avoid going too far... unless it is 2" or more higher than desired, then cut more.

Its very hard to calculate ride height with spring dimensions. There are just too many variables and/or unknowns. You can make general assumptions but trying to calculate to +/- .250 (or even +/- 1 ") based on specs is not possible.

If reality exactly equals calculations, more than likely it was more luck and than science.


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May 22, 2011
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The easy answer is there is no easy answer. Everyone's combo is different. What works for one person won't for another. I got sick and tired of constantly trying to get ride height correct so I bit the bullet and bought a complete RideTech front suspension including adjustable coil overs. Now it's a ten minute job and my ride height can be whatever I want. Problem solved. You're only choice is to get the spring rate you want. Install them. Drive for a little while to let them settle, then remove and cut 1/4 coil and reinstall. Repeat process until you get your desired ride height. There is no other answer.
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Sep 25, 2017
Boise Idaho
The reason these cars wallow down the road is the extra spring height above ride height. It makes them continue up travel past desired height, plow down below desired height, etc. Makes alot of work for the shocks. The smallest difference between the two measurements gives some idea of stiffness. Still no easy answer.

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