Choke Pull-offs- Repair Real World Prices


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Jan 2, 2006
Over the years there's been people coming here and asking about why their car was belching black smoke on startup and issues similar. One of the things mentioned to resolve it is to check the primary choke pull-off actuator and replace if damaged.

It's not always the cause, but mostly it is. You can usually buy them for around $25 or so and do it yourself in a few minutes. Make a couple of adjustments and you're on your way again. Below is an excerpt from an 85 442 G-body invoice from a repair shop showing that you pay a lot of money for others to do the same thing. It's one thing if the carb needs rebuilding and you're not confident enough to tackle a complex job like that. Then you sort of have to farm it out. It's another thing to be able to unscrew a couple of small bolts and replace a primary choke pull-off. You may have enough leftover to fill the gas tank with the money you save.

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