Choo Choo Camino -right next door...



Aug 5, 2017
New England
So, my 80+ year old neighbor has had this powder blue El Camino for a few years now.
Putts around in it, sometimes he underneath it in the summer time. Never paid much attention to it as I figured it was a dealer "sticker package"
and not a real SS.
I was getting gas this afternoon for the plow Jeep and I see him pull up behind me, watch as he kills the ignition, and then flashed back to the eighties as it dieseled, bucked, ran on and finally wheezed to stop after what seemed like an eternity.
Looked at the sticker on the front bumper and I see it's a Choo Choo Customs package on there....
Guess I'll have to pay more attention next time o_O.
Wish I'd had my phone on me for a pic.
Never know what you'll find right under your nose.

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