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    We are proud to be a Sponsor of the G-Body Forum. I'm sure many of you are asking 'Who the heck is Cold Case?' I thought I'd post a little FAQ here that I think will answer most of your questions:

    Q- Is Cold Case a new company?

    A- While the Cold Case brand is only a couple of years old, Cold Case is a product line of Max Performance Inc. which has been in business as a specialty American car and truck parts supplier for the past 30 years and was started by the same people who brought you Pypes Performance Exhaust.

    Q- there's a lot of debate over Copper/Brass or Aluminum.

    A- And there probably always will be. If you are doing a concours correct numbers matching vehicle, you simply need an original copper/brass OEM radiator. However, Aluminum, although much lighter, is incredibly strong when no epoxy is used. It dissipates heat faster. It looks nicer. Aluminum pricing is down and copper pricing is up. It's a change for the better for most of you! As you read further, you'll see we've answered any other negatives with regard to aluminum.

    Q- The market is full of Radiator Companies. Why yet another?!

    A- Yes, agreed. We fully admit there is no shortage of expensive high quality radiators and there is no shortage of no-name aluminum radiators on all over Ebay and Amazon but we feel there is a big need for a high quality brand you can trust at a price that is not all that far off of the cheap no-name brands.

    Q- Do you have radiators for everything? Do you do custom work?

    A- At this time, we don't do custom work. We only make radiators that we have identified as at least somewhat popular. Everything we have is made in a production environment in reasonable quantities. This allows us to keep our prices down,

    Q- So what makes Cold Case better than the high end brands

    A- We're not claiming to be better than these brands. In fact, one of the disadvantages of Cold Case is that we don't do custom work and we don't do specialty high horsepower vehicles at this time. However, our construction quality, design elements, tig welding and materials all rival the big guys. One thing we can claim that beats some of the expensive box welded tank lines is that our radiators are designed to fit in the factory position with factory hardware, shrouds and brackets in most cases. We can claim this because both our top and bottom tanks are stamped to look and fit like originals.

    Q- What makes Cold Case better than the all the no name brands?

    1. We have stamped tanks for an OEM look and application correct fitment
    2. Rather than using 2,3 or 4 small tubes in our cores, All our radiators are built with BB capacity utilizing 2 oversize rows that cool 20,30 or even 40% better than 4, 3 or 2 row cores the no name brands use.
    3. All our tanks are fully polished
    4. We use OEM petcock valves
    5. Our filler necks are welded from the inside instead of the outside.
    6. Our filler necks allow you to use an OEM radiator cap if you choose.
    7. Because we use OEM style tanks, ours can mount using all the factory brackets, fan shrouds and hardware.
    8. We offer a Lifetime Warranty and a 60 day cool guarantee.
    9. Our tech staff is always available by phone or e-mail to answer your questions
    10. Although the brand is new, our parent company has been around for 30 years. You can trust we'll be around in the future.

    Q- How can you offer such a high quality product at such a reasonable price?

    1. We use stamped tanks which require less welding to produce
    2. Our line isn't quite as expansive as others but each model we make is made in higher production volume to reduce costs.
    3. We're the new kid on the block. We have to get your attention somehow. Maybe if we get rich and famous, we'll raise our prices too!

    We'll be monitoring this forum and from time to time should be able to objectively contribute helpful information to solve your cooling problems in the future. Thanks for giving us this opportunity.
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