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Jul 25, 2020
Manassas, VA
Just yankin' your chain. This morning would be a PERFECT freezing azz morning to see if the choke opens on startup.
What, exactly is it doing when it's cold? Is it chugging, belching black smoke, or...?? There may be something else of concern.

But from the description of it running perfectly fine after warm up tells me that it's likely in the choke system somehow. I believe that is an electric choke. So it seems that part is working.

I gave you the GM part numbers in case you needed to find one for your car and can either get the GM one or an aftermarket equivalent of that number so you know it should fit. Standard has one for the 305 2 or 4 bbl listed under part CPA141 for less than 20 bucks at O'reilly auto parts, and Echlin at Napa has one under CRB 24832 at twice the price, should you find you need one. Around $40 on ebay for an NOS one.
Thank you so much! Very helpful. The carb looks like it has an alwful lot of vacuum hoses on it. I have an older Holly 4-bbl and may just throw that on there and reduce my vacuum profile. But thank you again for your insite on this matter. Driving me crazy.


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Jan 2, 2006
PLEASE, NO!!!!!!!! No Holleys unless your 305 is modified and needs a different carb because yours is fubar.

Can't recommend that. Especially if it's running very well after warm up. You just have to find that one little issue during cold startup. Put that Holley on there and unless you're lucky, you'll spend a lot of time dialing that thing in. But it's your car...
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Sep 18, 2009
Queens, NY
The carb looks like it has an alwful lot of vacuum hoses on it.
That tells me you don't know what they are and do. Don't yank the carb- learn. Each is there for a reason. Your problem is a simple fix. Best advice I can give is to find a vacuum hose diagram and educate yourself about their functions. ALWAYS keep the factory original carb in place.
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