Corvette C5 Brakes on Stock G-Body Spindle


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Sep 6, 2016
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how long should the studs be? 2" or 2 1/2" what you think?

The studs need to be at least 3/8" longer than factory studs because they are going through the new brake rotor.

Factory G-body studs are about 1.5". The H3 studs are about 3/8" longer, so they are close to the originals in length after going through the disc's.

This conversion also spaces the wheels out 3/8" so people need to take this into account when picking wheel offsets.


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Feb 9, 2010
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Press in the right studs and they won't crack.

Moroso 46160 have a .560" knurl. The Stock studs have only a .501 Knurl... ouch.

A better longer metric stud is the Hummer H3 Stud: Dorman 610‑323 with a .505" Knurl

Early Gbody studs are .564 knurl. 46160 is the correct part for Gbodies with 7/16 studs.

If you can't run the long studs, there is some from a newer mustang, 2012 I think, maybe newer, that were about 1/2" longer IIRC. The only place I could have got them was at the Ford dealer, and I didn't even bother asking.
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