Crooked steering wheel


Apr 4, 2020
Las vegas
Just had a question about my steering tires are straight but my steering is extremely crooked what can cause this and how do I fix it? Thanks in advance


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Sep 6, 2016
Southlake, TX
You have to start at the steering box and work forwards and back.

The Input shaft on the steering box has a flat, that has to be up. The steering box has a "center" and if you build your steering system with the box off center, it won't work right.

Working towards the back, what steering shaft do you have? An Astro Van steering shaft is 90 degrees off and has to be modified for use. A 92-early 95 Grand Cherokee lower shaft is a direct bolt in.

With the Box properly oriented and a proper lower shaft, the spline on the steering wheel mount should be up.

With the Wheel, shaft and and Box right, align the tie rods straight.


Dec 15, 2020
Alexandria, VA
Take into consideration any abnormal tire wear or whether or not the car pulls to one side when figuring this out.

Among the causes could be damaged steering/suspension components, like in a collision; components replaced with the wrong ones or not properly adjusted; maybe someone took the steering wheel off and didn't put it back on right for example to replace the turn signal mechanism. Would be nice (for you) to know the reason for the mismatch and be sure that it is not a safety problem. But in the end pulling the steering wheel and putting it back on in the position you want is easy.
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Mar 20, 2020
Turn the steering wheel straight when getting the front end aliened


Captain Tenneal
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Dec 26, 2013
Oh yeah, good point. The horn contact assembly goes through the steering wheel.
Yup, it all has to line up correctly to work. Now that someone mentioned it, I wonder if it has an Astro shaft in it; that would account for a 90⁰ twist.


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Oct 25, 2019
Colorado Springs, CO
Turn the steering wheel straight when getting the front end aliened

Assuming the shaft is splined correctly on the box then this. How is your alignment btw? Just because it goes straight on its own doesn't mean the alignment is anywhere near correct.
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