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Jan 31, 2013
Not to my knowledge. At least not on a Cutlass. I've heard this ground wire may be different on Monte Carlo and people suggest cutting the VSS harness and grounding the buffer, but shouldn't be any need on your car. The ground from the VSS buffer runs to the park/neutral ECM input switch on top of the steering column, and from there it grounds to G205. The ECM is a tie in at the park/neutral switch, so if it doesn't input to something that's not there (ECM) then who cares? The speed sensor buffer feeds a separate speed input signal to the ECM, but that's about it I believe. I'm not an electrical wizard by any stretch, but the cruise setup pretty much can run on its own without the ECM the way I understand the schematics. According to the ESM, The ECM controls NOTHING on the cruise control system on your 84 Hurst/Olds. It just gets an input from the VSS buffer (which tells the ECM the car is moving so it can determine to throw a code or not in some instances).
Ok that makes sense and I have cut my ground wire on the buffer and grounded it else where but I'm going to fix that and go from there and I have a new servo also

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