Custom Oil Pan, anyone done one?


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Hello all, I am building a 4.1 Stroker (4.5) Buick for the wagon. Since I have it apart, I've ben floating the idea of building a custom oil pan. A little deeper, with kick outs and trap doors. Has anyone done one before?

I can tell you they aren't made for the 14 bolt Buick V6's, though RJC makes a deep one, that is actually a bit too deep for me.


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Jan 18, 2018
I’ve never made one, but I did run a moroso 21049 pan in my car. Along with the 22187 pump. Maybe you can use them as ideas. They worked well for depth and oil control in my 7800 rpm 4.25” stroke motor.
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Oct 14, 2008
The Canton made to order pans are very high quality. I haven't put mine on my Olds 358 yet. I have not heard of any issues unlike Moroso and Milidon pans.
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As a fabricator, I'd like to tackle this myself. Some time ago, you could buy "drop-in" road race baffle/trap door kits. But they seem to not be available anymore.

I planned on doing as you guys suggested, I'm just going to look at another pan and copy it. This is mainly street driving currently, but with the new engine auto-x and twisties are in the cards.
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