Do you have the WINTER TIME BLUES!?


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Feb 7, 2019
Missing the nice summer months where you could actually take our G's for a ride , go to a car show or cruise....I would even take mowing my grass right now without complaining !! Why must we suffer like this!!!! Anyone with me here!??? WINTER DRAGS ON TOO LONG! At least give me a thumbs up to make me feel better :ROFLMAO:


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Jan 2, 2006
Every part of the country (pick the one you live in) has it's pluses and it's minuses of living in that exact spot.

I love the fact that it is a very mild winter here in the south. I DON'T love the fact that it's been raining like Seattle here for most of this late fall/winter. Dried our azzes out in the summer with no rain, then like we were in Phoenix or something, we get the deluge.

It will soon be warmer here again. Only had a handful of below freezing morning temps, so that's good. I'll take that.

When summer comes, and the sweltering heat that comes with it, you simply can't flip open a window at night because the humidity swells the windows shut. :) Or without fear of some creature coming in and either sucking your blood out or dragging your carcass out into the woods somewhere.

And then...there is an "and then" here....and then...late summer comes along and melts everything into the ground, apparently so it can stay put when the hurricane season gets here. Then it's a crap shoot. That little "low pressure" area off the African coast that will be here in about 10 days or so- you have NO idea if it's the one that turns into a Cat 5 and wreaks destruction on your house/cars/family/neighborhood. Or will it peter out and turn north and go nowhere? But everyone has their eyes on it. Hurricanes are a way of life around here. But we don't have scorpions. Rattlesnakes and alligators...but no scorpions. Relatively cheap gas though. Relatively. Used to be one of the cheapest but the SC legislature decided a couple years ago it was best that we pay a bit more in gas taxes for roads and stuff.

Just get me to spring...warmer temps and growing my jalapeños again! (for making bacon wrapped stuffed jalapeños, of course)


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Apr 17, 2016
I love the freezing cold, negative wind chills, snow covered ground for 5 months. Brine covered roadways, listening to metal rust.
I mean I love the fact that I moved away from all of that.
The hardest part of East TN Winter is listening to people complain about how cold it is when it's in the mid 40's.🥶

Someday I could see myself living in eastern Tennessee in or close to the mountains.

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